Your protection against the ravages of silent leaks.

All plumbing can and will leak!  Pressure plumbing lines are affected by:

  1. The quality of the original installation.

  2. The quality and chemistry of the local water supply

  3. The length of time the plumbing system materials are engineered to last

  4. The quality of the water pressure system supplying water.


Since drywall is used for 90% of interior walls it provides unique wicking characteristics which the Smart Moisture Sensor is designed to detect and monitor.


The Smart Moisture Sensor will detect increasing moisture levels and alert the user list.  Users may then monitor the situation to determine the proper course of action.  Early detection allows for the problem to be corrected when cost and damage is minimal.  Untreated conditions can lead to serious structural issues. Under the correct conditions health issues can also arise from dangerous mold build up

Cloud Data Storage

Smart Moisture Sensors utilizes cloud data storage to record and monitor the levels of moisture detected in the walls of your home.  Log in to the SMS website to access your data and observe data from your sensor.

Simple Graphic User Interface

SMS systems has an easy to use interface on our mobile application and on our computer program.  With easily accessible programs, users will have no difficulty in monitoring their home and preventing moisture damage.

Easy Access on All Platforms

SMS applications are available on iPhone and Android mobile devices as well as on the computer.  With readily access to data on the server, you can monitor the moisture levels of your home as well as receive alerts about potential water damage.