The Smart Moisture Sensor is a patented system that is used with drywall wall systems to detect the silent leaks that occur behind walls.  The Smart Moisture System is designed to work with web & mobile devices to provide alerts when ongoing moisture build up occurs.

When the remote sensors are used, the SMS device will detect moisture behind the wall and at two points in front of the wall; such under a sink and the dishwasher.

Protect Your Home

SMS device pictured with optional remote sensor

1. Detect moisture in the home

2. Receive alerts for damage

3. Monitor with a simple program

Cloud Data Storage

Smart Moisture Sensor utilizes a simple graphic user interface that allows you to monitor the levels of moisture in the walls of your home from your computer or mobile device.  Data from the Smart Moisture Sensor Device is stored in a cloud database and will alert you of any potential damage to your home.



Cloud Computing

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Smart Moisture Sensor is easily accessible and you can monitor your home with our app for your mobile device.  You can receive an alert immediately when there is potential damage to your home.

Smart Moisture Sensor utilizes a cloud database to store measurements of the moisture in your home.  With this data, you can track the levels of moisture in your home at any time, allowing you to observe when your home may be in danger of damage before it's too late.

Data and information about your home is protected with our secure server, which requires an account and password to access your information.